Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Jet and Jazz mother and daughter need new home

Jet and Jazz are two beautiful black Labrador Retrievers who are mother and daughter. Jet is the mum and she is 10 years old and Jazz is her 8 year old daughter. They have never been apart since Jazz was born and need to be rehomed together. They are being rehomed through no fault of their own - a sad change of circumstances has forced this decision and they are much loved Labradors.

Both Jet and Jazz adore children and are wonderful with other dogs. Both have been spayed although their vaccs programmes have lapsed.

Do not be put off by their age - these are 2 very energetic Labradors who adore their walks, playing with soft toys and retrieving. They are very obedient and walk to heel, have a super recall and are very biddable dogs. Jet still mothers Jazz every day by washing her face and ears for her. Jazz loves to play hide and seek and also does a mean "high five". Jet and Jazz are very affectionate loving Labradors.

If you would like more information about these beautiful Labradors please contact Miss Vanda Salmon 01337 858363 or Carolyne Poulton 078450 10031

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